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thirty years young (plus 30 posts in 30 days!)

Today I am a 30-year-old woman.

While the last day of my twenties was a surreal experience, the first day of my thirties holds some exciting new promise.

I don’t have to take shit from anyone anymore, right?

When I get a boatload of last minute work dumped on me that would take all night to complete to my standards?

Um, I don’t know if you guys got the memo, but I’m thirty now.  I’m too old for all-nighters!

When my mother tells me not to “talk like a baby” when I do my silly sleepy voice?

Mum, I’m thirty! I’ll talk how I want!

When Dave wants to do the aerial inverted double dip… again?

Davey Jones, I’m thirty and tired.  I can only do acrobatics once a night now.

And when someone dares try to upstream my cab hail?

Thirty! In your face! Now get outta my cab!

Kidding aside, while I’m sure I’ll have many wonderful adventures in this new decade, I can’t help but fantasize that thirty is going to be some metaphorical magic bullet to making it easier to say “no.”  I am entering this decade a little more established, self-aware, and practical than I did the one before.  Thirty might be just the excuse I need to take better care of myself, so I have more time and energy to devote to the things I’m most passionate about: style, design, storytelling, drama, equality, and love.

To help me make a change, I’ve given myself a labor of love. In honor of my thirty years out of the womb, I’m announcing thirty posts in thirty days!  Starting today and running for the rest of the month, I’m going to post EVERY SINGLE DAY!  We’ll look back on the most stylish events of the year so far, catch up on my ModCloth Year of Dresses, relish in my fun and fancy birthday plans, discover nostalgic inspiration in the wild, and look ahead to my flirty thirties.  I’ll top it all off with a vintage bling giveaway sponsored by Hester Fleming Vintage!

I know what you’re thinking.  If I haven’t been able to post regularly for some months now, how am I going to post every day for 30 days?  How am I going to carve out that much time to do what I love?  What’s different now?

Easy.  I’m thirty!

See you tomorrow.

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DRESS: Vintage from Pin Up Queens | HANDBAG: Vintage | EYEWEAR: Warby Parker | Hat: Vintage via Etsy | SHOES: Seychelles via DSW | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


  1. Valerie C.

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday and good luck with saying no as well as your 30 posts in 30 days. I’m excited based on some of the things you mentioned you might post :)

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