where did the name storygirlsarah come from?

It’s from one of my favorite childhood novels, The Story Girl, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I’ve used StoryGirlSarah as a digital monicker throughout my life. Check out the book; it’s kinda fitting!

where on earth did all those sensational hats come from?

Although some are vintage finds, almost every hat I wear is an original creation by the incomparable Gretchen Fenston. I highly recommend reaching out to her for a custom hat. They’re life changing!

what is that sweet font you’re using for your logo & headlines?

Governor is from the amazing pay-what-you-can font resource, Lost Type. There’s a little bit of Archer sprinkled here & there as well.

who created the illustration of you for your logo?

That bit of cuteness was done by a wonderful graphic designer I work with named Paulina Niewinska. She’s my number one girl crush!