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Cover2 Summer Story

and all that jazz

The Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island bookends the New York City summer every year.  Check out the fun we had putting the season to bed! Read more…


we made the cut!

Click here to view the feature on New York Magazine’s website!


a look back at the first jazz age lawn party weekend of the summer

By popular demand, Gretchen sold her headpieces in a booth at the Jazz Age Lawn Party for the very first time this year.  Dave and I ran the booth to great success! Read more…

Cameo Necklace Post

happy love day!

Join us in celebrating our 2 year anniversary!

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introducing sarah …or how i learned to love the blog

Don’t start a blog. It will hurl your relationships with everyone you care about, including yourself, into a state of flux. You (and your significant other, of course) will stay up nights researching, scoping, fiddling, brainstorming, photographing, converting, noodling, speculating, arguing, defending, and shopping (with a capital S!) all things blogosphere. Your otherwise angelically supportive boyfriend may be reduced to monosyllables and not-so-very-cryptic sighs largely due to sleep deprivation and what can only be referred to as girlfriend’s blog fatigue.

You will forget to feed your cats. Read more…