introducing sarah …or how i learned to love the blog

Don’t start a blog. It will hurl your relationships with everyone you care about, including yourself, into a state of flux. You (and your significant other, of course) will stay up nights researching, scoping, fiddling, brainstorming, photographing, converting, noodling, speculating, arguing, defending, and shopping (with a capital S!) all things blogosphere. Your otherwise angelically supportive boyfriend may be reduced to monosyllables and not-so-very-cryptic sighs largely due to sleep deprivation and what can only be referred to as girlfriend’s blog fatigue.

You will forget to feed your cats.

(Only for a negligible amount of time, thank goodness.)

At times you will feel so downright narcissistic, the guilt will make you consider chucking it all (for like a second) to dive headfirst into a pint of this. You’ll soon realize you can have both a blog and Ben & Jerry’s; thus the cycle of self-indulgence will be complete.

And you’ll start thinking of yourself as a brand.  This is where the real danger lives. You will question your distinctiveness, especially if you live in this ocean of marvelous style called New York City….


falling in love with the camera(man) at michael arenella’s bi-annual jazz age lawn party on governor’s island

DRESS: H&M | PEARLS: Overstock | HEADBAND: a Garment District find | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


desperately seeking a great pair of wedges at dsw in union square

HAT: Gretchen Fenston | COAT, GLOVES & BROOCH: vintage | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


languidly awaiting a screening of e.t. in brooklyn bridge park


DRESS: Emily & Fin on ModCloth | SUNGLASSES: a gift from Heather Flock | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


reading the greatest speech in history (a lesson on the impact of brevity)


DRESS: Anthropologie | SHOES: Dansko | HANDBAG: vintage | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


twirling my heart out at the easter parade on fifth avenue in nyc


HAT: Gretchen Fenston | DRESS: Trashy Diva | SHOES: Seychelles | PARASOL: LuggagePoint via Amazon | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


waiting for a sign in halifax, nova scotia


DRESS: Soho Mode via Buffalo Exchange | SHOES: Born | HANDBAG: Kate Spade | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now.

A blog to revel in my passion for vintage style. I love old things and how fashion is somehow constantly making them new again. I love to see history owned and embraced, even if merely via the clothes on our backs.

A blog to return the inspiration others have given me. Like I said in my ModCloth video mission statement, I believe great style is contagious and I want to give it to everyone!

A blog my mom will be proud of. (Hi, mom!)

I wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen, but somewhere in the middle of the night last night in the midst of our apartment-turned-upside-down, I gained some clarity. My boyfriend, Dave, and I started choosing the final images for this our very first post. After staring at shot after shot of myself (which is akin to trying on bathing suits, ladies) and seeing most of them hit the cutting room floor, I started to see a pattern. Maybe it’s just me, but I see something special in the pictures Dave takes of me, especially the ones where I’m not letting my insecurities get in the way of his lens. This special quality I’m talking about can be described pretty simply.


I looked at all these places we’ve been together and this little digital oasis we’ve created and I thought: Hey, we make a pretty great team.

There are countless reasons not to start a blog, but as long as the cats are fed, none of them matter.

Stay tuned. Adventures in vintage are just around the corner!


  1. Sean Alaback

    I teared up a bit at the end there. Of this set of photos I think it’s important to note that while they are technically posed, they really aren’t. They are Sarah pausing for a moment so the lens can catch up with her. Of all the dresses she (you? what tense should I use?) has I recognize them all. These are just part of the wardrobe, most often found thrown haphazardly on the nearest chair. They aren’t costumes. Just extensions of Sarah.

    I look forward to reading.

  2. Lani

    LOVELOVELOVE!!! Over the moon with excitement to follow you (& Dave) on this blog-journey!!!

  3. Congrats, Sarah, on introducing your blog! I’m ready to be inspired and think you and Dave have done an excellent job thus far. Despite my lack of fashion know-how, you manage to make me want to read. Much love and luck!


  4. This is beautiful! And so are those hats!

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