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Bettie Cover

a bettie page fashion show (plus my very first giveaway ever!!!)


I’ve been a big fan of vintage-inspired Bettie Page Clothing for years, even making a pilgrimage to their San Francisco shop a few summers ago. Now Bettie has finally come to me!  Read more…


annie explains it all (plus bonus retro bump tutorial!)

I know what you’ve been thinking. And you’re right. Gawd did I need a haircut. I’ve been returning from a fun foray into the depths of dramatic hair experimentation and desperately wanted to restore peace to my hair universe. I’d finally grown it out enough to get back to something resembling the classic bob I’ve sported since I was 7. But I couldn’t do it alone. I needed a fixer. A healer. A master in the art of color, cut, and unlicensed therapy.

I needed Annie! Read more…