eyewear on parade (or gentlemen prefer nerds)

People often ask me how many pairs of glasses I own (with alarm in their voice). But can a girl ever have too much eyewear?

If you ask Dave, he’d probably say yes, since he had to photograph my entire collection last night. However, I say you can never have too many glasses. They go on your face, people! Although I used to be a one pair kind of gal, I treasure all the options in my arsenal (and crave more, more, more!). Glasses are your window to the world. And as someone allergic to most costume jewelry metals, they’re often my best and only accessory.

If a hat is the cherry on top, then eyewear is the good first impression. With that logic in mind, perhaps I should have started the blog with this post! Hindsight is 20/20, but clearly my sight is far from it. Without further adieu, let’s start the tour of the spectacular spectacles of StoryGirlSarah…


tortoise classics from moscot keep this zany secretary look safe for work


EYEWEAR: Moscot Vilda  | BLOUSE: Tucker from ModCloth | BROOCH: Vintage from Pin Up Queens, Astoria | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


these sassy cat eye frames from SEE were handmade in italy

(just like my great-grandmother)


EYEWEAR: SEE Eyewear #1413 | DRESS: Emily & Fin from ModCloth | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


do not make my fierce warby parker specs angry

you wouldn’t like it when they’re angry


EYEWEAR:  Warby Parker Sinclair in Burgundy Fade | DRESS: Candice Gwinn Natasha Dress by Trashy Diva | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


getting my girlish fancy on in this vintage black horn & rhinestone pair


EYEWEAR: Vintage from Bibby’s Rocket on Etsy  | BLOUSE: Peachtree City Top from ModCloth | HEADBAND: J.Crew | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


snagged these retro red rounds on our trip to shanghai last year


EYEWEAR: brand unknown | T-SHIRT: That Yarn Cat Tee from ModCloth | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


are these real ray-bans?

(only the lady who sold them to me in shanghai knows for sure)


EYEWEAR: Possibly Ray-Ban | DRESS: Vintage | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


SEE did it again with these modern meets vintage crimson cats made in holland


EYEWEAR: SEE Eyewear | DRESS: Aoyama Itchome via Callalilai | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


matte meets gloss in these onyx frames with cut-out detail handmade in france

(also by SEE)


EYEWEAR: SEE Eyewear #2832 | Trollied Dolly from ModCloth | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


my homage to sigourney weaver in working girl in the same SEE specs

(only pink!)


EYEWEAR: SEE Eyewear #2832 | BLOUSE: Pleasant Tense Top from ModCloth | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


i love how the world looks through my rose colored betsey johnson shades (perhaps because they’re not prescription)


EYEWEAR: Betsey Johnson via TJ Maxx | COAT: Vintage from jinglekell on eBay | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


When you put a lot of care into the way you dress, one pair of glasses just won’t do. Despite my abundant assortment, I still sometimes find my color options lacking when I set out to style myself every morning. And don’t even get me started on the historical accuracy and style consistency questions that gnaw at me every time I put together an outfit!

For starters, I really need a pair of ivory frames for the spring and a green pair to match my eyes. And where’s the most universally liked color, blue? Lately, I have particularly big crushes on Mallory in Blue Marblewood and Tenely prescription sunglasses in Violet Magnolia, both from the wonderfully affordable (and philanthropic) Warby Parker. Then there is my long-time obsession with Stephanie by Morganthal Frederics, the Rolls Royce of luxury specs.

Sigh. A girl can dream.

I have some sassy new hair changes in store for next week, but I hope my grand plans don’t greatly alter how all my favorite frames already work for me. Although, there are worse things I can think of than having an excuse to invest in more glasses.

Like I need an excuse!

Bottom line: When it comes to putting on the polish, eyewear is a girl’s best friend.


  1. Paulina

    OH MY GOD! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 You look amazing in glasses!

  2. First, I just wanted to say that I’m totally in love with your blog. I’m so glad you started it and I’m so glad that “Sarah Hartley” popped up in my Twitter feed to confuse the crap out of me so then I could find you- and now your blog.

    Second, I’m so jealous that you can pull off so many different shapes of frames! They all look fantastic on you! I’m fairly convinced I have a weird shape face because I can only pull off one style. This round goes to you, (first) Sarah Hartley.

    • Sarah H to Sarah H! Our names and our meeting must be fate. Thank you so much for you kind words. Honestly, I used to think glasses (and hats) looked bad on me. I just hadn’t found the right shape yet. If you honor the arch of your eyebrow (or lack thereof) and keep your eyes relatively centered in the frames, you can’t go wrong!

      See you on twitter, newfound friend!

  3. Rebecka

    Sarah, it is so much FUN reading your blog!!! Love it! You inspire me!

  4. Lauren

    I am jealous! Mostly because I need lenses that are super thinned etc. so that they cost a lot of money per pair. Last time I got new ones I convinced the eye dr. I could use the same prescription so I could keep my sunglasses from before the same, but I’m suspicious that I can’t see as well as I should. And let me just say your sunglasses are my favorite! Now to make them prescription…

    • I also need to have my lenses super thinned! But have you checked out Warby Parker’s prices- even with the thinning? They’re prices and quality are amazing. Plus they’ll send you 5 pairs to try on for free and carry prescription sunglasses. Love them!

      • Lauren

        I might look into that. I have a very small head though… like I think I can wear children’s glasses! But I don’t usually like the flowers or whatever that are on them.

        • I’ve been thinking about this dilemma of yours. You should look into vintage frames. I find they’re often too small for me, but I bet that would make them just right for you. There’s a shop called Fabulous Fanny’s in NYC that specializes in vintage frames and then I take the frames to a shop in Chinatown to get prescription lenses put in. You can also check out etsy and ebay or any flea market out by you I bet. You can get a great unique look for a steal that way.

  5. I love the line of yours that says men like nerds! That’s basically what my blog is about (techie nerds in the Silicon Valley).

    I’m so happy I came here and peeped your blog… I never go anywhere without my glasses.

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