IFB Special Report-01

i heart #IFBcon

what are you supposed to wear to a fashion blogger conference anyway?


{ what i wore }

Thanks to Gretchen Fenston, Kate Spade, ModCloth, and the vintage gods, I looked presentable at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference last week.  I’m tickled that some of my fellow bloggers shared my style with their followers!


day 1: i ain’t nothing but a houndstooth on my way to the conference


HAT: Gretchen Fenston | COAT: Vintage from jinglekell on eBay | BAG: Kate Spade | TIGHTS: Free People | SHOES: Mojo Moxy | EYEWEAR: SEE | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


day 1: mustard was the color of the day complete with gretchen fenston bonnet


HAT: Gretchen Fenston | DRESS: Kate Spade | BAG: Kate Spade | TIGHTS: Free People | SHOES: Mojo Moxy | CARDIGAN: Knit via Daffy’s | EYEWEAR: SEE | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


day 2: my first modcloth year of dresses pick was a winner on day two of the pro blogger event


HAT: Gretchen Fenston | DRESS: Stop Staring via ModCloth | SHOES: Pink Studio | EYEWEAR: Moscot Vildas | NECKLACE: Vintage, a gift from Courtney Loren Brown | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


day 2: dave’s vintage minolta autocord charmed many a fashionista & photog in attendance


HAT: Gretchen Fenston | DRESS: Stop Staring via ModCloth | BAG: Kate Spade | EYEWEAR: Moscot Vildas | NECKLACE: Vintage, a gift from Courtney Loren Brown | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


{ what I saw }

Check out some of my fellow attendees sporting styles after my own heart:


lilah ramzi of part nouveau in vintage




jasmin rodriguez of vintage vandalism in a trashy diva dress i really want!




egyptian-american beauty winnie détwa in asos & forever 21




emily kammeyer sporting a hat of her own design




{ who I met }

In the days leading up to the conference, I couldn’t help but worry I was about to enter the fashion lion’s den.  What I found was a room full of kindred spirits, like Victoria of Haute on the Spot with her zeal for designer bargains, Hester Feming with her love of old treasures, and Alexandra Frumberg with her talent for striking portraiture.  From sociology PhD candidate Jennifer Whitmer’s fascination with the social meaning behind what we wear to MAGNIFECO founder Kate Black’s commitment to lessening the impact of it and from Urban Fieldnotes photo-blogger Brent Luvaas’ appreciation of street style to Lipstick and Highwaters maven Tiffany Nakamura’s knack for embodying it, I was surrounded by engaging, curious, like-minded people, many of whom have become fast friends.


tiffany nakamura and i prove that opposites attract at ifbcon 2013




{ what I learned }

Inspiration was the real star of IFBcon.  While all the technical business advice was tremendously valuable, I quickly learned that the only way to really grow as a blogger (and perhaps, as a person) is to make creative, original content the number one priority.


“revel in the freedom of just getting started.”

 -Jake Gallagher of Wax Wane 


from the very first panel on the first year of blogging, the entire IFB conference seemed to be designed with my personal success in mind.




“step out of your comfort zone & don’t be afraid to fail.” 

-Geri Hirsch of LEAFtv


lulu frost designer lisa salzer spoke to the importance of surrounding yourself with positive energy and never letting doubt prevent you from doing what you’re meant to.




“if it doesn’t make you crazy like teenage love, you probably shouldn’t be blogging about it”

- Tina Craig of Bag Snob


And the conversations continued fluidly on other platforms.  For example, Tina Craig of Bag Snob took to twitter after her moment on the IFB stage to encourage us to aspire to be ourselves rather than our idols.


“you can be the poorest person on the planet, but fashion still matters, because it’s your identity.” 

-Neil Blumenthal of WarbyParker


While every speaker had a big impact, Warby Parker founder Neil Blumenthal was my particular favorite.  He reminded us that vulnerability is more engaging than strength, encouraging us to keep our work personal. Warby Parker certainly does! Their quirky, fun, retro chic brand’s recipe for success was inspired by the style of their grandparents’ generation mixed with the work ethic of their parents’ generation. It makes for some really imaginative productivity, like their delightful New York Public Library stunt in 2011. While they know it’s not the number one reason most people buy their specs, Warby’s “do good” work around the globe is a real turn on for me as a consumer. In fact, I was so enthused after IFB; I went home and bought three more pairs of whimsical Warby Parker glasses to keep my current pair company. (Gotta love flex spending!) Stay tuned for future four-eyed pictures and my earnest attempt at creative, original content made just for you.


  1. What a great post! Thanks for featuring my blog!

  2. Thanks for your insight into the conference, Sarah! It looks like it would have been such fun to attend, but the rest of us can get at least a sneak-peek!

  3. Such a pleasure to meet you too!!

  4. Sarah, love the post and LOVE the pictures! Wonderful meeting you! Hope to work with you in the future!

  5. You captured the best of it.
    You were one that stood out, my friend! Never stop standing out — it’s what keeps me coming back to your sweet blog. : )


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