confessions of a bad blogger (or how sarah got her groove back)

I’m a bad blogger.

My life has been getting in the way of my documenting my life. My professional life in particular has become stupidly stressful. I’m locked into this cycle of busy work emergencies that routinely bleed into the middle of the night. Last month I miraculously functioned without sleep for days and days in a row all in the name of work that would probably be more manageable if I simply didn’t care about it quite so much.

But I do care.

Yes, I care about my career (and my inspiring colleagues), but I also care deeply about all the other things that are slipping through my fingers while a work/life balance remains unmanageable.

I’ve missed out on friends’ birthdays, networking opportunities, freelance deadlines, dance classes, yoga packages, medical appointments, and countless cuddle sessions with Dave and our two cats.

And, of course, I’ve missed out on all of you.

Oh and I’ve been doing some stress eating, people.  Turns out I’m 10 pounds heavier than I’ve ever been before in my life, so my January ModCloth dress, for example, no longer fits!

But today I’m taking my life back.


how sarah got her groove back…

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DRESS: Vintage | PHOTO CREDIT: Melinda McCoy & David DeNee


Today I joined Weight Watchers to help me make a change in my eating and exercise habits. And today I’m taking one of my cats to the vet because I love him and he needs me. Tomorrow I’m finally coming through for a non-profit I volunteered to do graphic design for. Thursday I’m giving good old fashioned therapy a try to work on balancing my passion for my career with all my other passions (This also qualifies me as a real New Yorker I’m told!). And Friday, with any luck, I’m going dancing!

Wish me luck.

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