ModCloth February

my february modcloth special delivery (or valentine’s day redux)

My February ModCloth Year of Dresses frock arrived just in the nick of time for me to sport it on Valentine’s Day evening.  It’s high time I shared it with you all!

In the spirit of love, I chose the Day after Day Dress in Hearts by one of my favorite designers, UK-based Emily & Fin.  I have to confess I knew I would adore it well before it arrived, because I already own it in another print!  One of my favorite things about this dress is that it is often mistaken for actual vintage.  I love vintage garments with all of my heart, but they can be very fragile due to their age.  I’m tough on my clothes, so I’ve learned to save most of my delicate old treasures for special occasions. But what am I going to wear the rest of the time?  Sturdy, comfortable, washable Emily & Fin dresses are just the thing to fill my retro needs.


it’s hard to wear a frown alongside a dress this unabashedly joyful.


DRESS: Emily & Fin via ModCloth | TIGHTS: Anthropologie | NECKLACES: Forever 21 | EYEWEAR: SEE Eyewear | SHOES: Vintage | PHOTO CREDIT: David DeNee


i always feel like a lady in emily & fin.




And this dress has spunk! What may look like polka dots at first glance are actually tiny white hearts on a bed of hot sherbet pink. While the print makes it perfect for the Valentine season, it’s going to be fun frolicking around town all spring & summer in this darling feminine number. It’s hard to wear a frown alongside a dress this unabashedly joyful.

Bottom Line: Forget clapping.  If you’re happy & you know it, get this dress!


since it’s too cold to shoot outdoors, we brought a bit of nature inside for this blushing bride-esque shot.


(BONUS FASHION SECRET: I’m wearing a child’s cardi from Uniqlo – great for us high-waisted girls!)


he loves me?  he loves me not?




he loves me.




  1. You are so cute! And so is the dress.

  2. Lauren

    Ok, you don’t have to tell but I am dying to know how much you spend on accessories! (like tights…). I get very annoyed that tights cost more than 5 dollars.

    • I hear you. For starters, I don’t wear pants… like ever. So, tights are worth the investment during the colder months, but I really don’t spend top dollar on them as a rule. I worked for Anthropologie this past holiday season and bought the tights pictured above at a steep discount, for example. I recently stocked up on tights from Uniqlo and they were approx $5 a pair. Great deal! I’d say up to around $13 is still in the reasonable range for me, especially if the tights are a special color that will have a dynamic impact on my wardrobe. I find when I spend above that on tights, I’m too upset if I accidentally snag them on something… which tends to happen right away on those high-end tights!

      Also, most of my accessories have a function beyond the ornamental. I’m allergic to most metals and costume jewelry, so I tend not to wear necklaces, earrings, etc beyond special occasions. So I almost never spend money on jewelry and usually opt for relatively inexpensive vintage brooches when I do. The necklaces above were less than $10 combined at Forever 21. I loved them because they looked like quality vintage to me and were SOOO cheap. Plus, I’m not allergic to plastic!

      Ultimately, I focus on making a statement (and investment) with a dress and then my eyewear (which I, of course, need to see). I don’t break the bank on cardis, tights, and even shoes, especially impractical heels. The shoes above were a hand-me-down from my oft-mentioned friend, Gretchen, so they were FREE! Best price of all!

      Probably more info than you wanted, but here’s a final thought: NEVER spend big money on a one size fits all pair of tights (unless you’re 5ft tall and less than 100 pounds perhaps). One size fits all is bologna! I’m not tall or above average weight-wise and they NEVER fit well. One size tights are a tease. They’re often adorable, but they’ll break your heart when they bust at the seams…

  3. Kathleen

    You look so happy in this dress!

  4. Gorgeous photos as per usual. Loving this dress! We all need a little pink dress for all those nice girly and happy vibes.

    Keep these dress up stories comin!


  5. You’re look lovely! That dress is too cute and I love those tights! I really want to try out some brighter colours, but I always feel like they look better on other people :)

    • I think it’s all about finding which colors work for you. I used to think I could only wear jewel tones, but my options just keep growing as I explore all the colors of the rainbow! For starters, I could easily see you in some really bright greens and blues, Emma. Love your site btw. Makes me long for a European adventure!

  6. So cute (I’m also still quite jealous you won). I love your cardigan as well. I’m always looking for ones that fit that way, so I guess I’ll be going to uniqlo tomorrow!

  7. I LOVE IT!!!! You are gorgeous!!!

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